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About Our Office
Mission Statement
We believe that it is a privilege to treat children, and that we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in their lives. We make every effort to provide quality care for children from infancy through adolescence, including those with special needs, in an environment that is professional, friendly, and fun. As health care workers, we recognize the great responsibility of trust and confidence each member of our patientís family places in us. We will always strive to merit this. We would like to build long lasting relationships with our patients and their families.

Treatment Options
We would like to welcome you to our state of the art office dedicated to the oral health of your child. As a pediatric dental specialist, Dr. Natalie focuses on giving your child a positive attitude towards their dental care. We look forward to meeting you.

Before the First Visit
Before the initial visit, please be positive when preparing your child to come in to see us. You play a large part in your childís outlook for his/her first visit to the dentist. Let them know that Dr. Natalie will be counting their teeth and taking pictures. Please do not make statements like "It wonít hurt," as this may never have entered his or her mind, and may create fear for your child. Dr. Natalie will explain the procedure in a special way that your child can understand. If your child is afraid, be supportive. It is common for younger children to cry when faced with the unknown. Together we can make this a positive and enjoyable experience for them.

The Initial Visit
Depending on your childís needs and behavior, your child will receive a consultation, x-rays, and if applicable on that day a cleaning as well. Parents are welcome to come back with their children since this is a new environment for them. On this day treatment will be explained to you and an estimated cost of treatment will be discussed.

Subsequent Visits
If your child needs further treatment, Dr, Natalie will try to provide treatment for you in as few appointments as possible. We will try to alleviate any fears or apprehensions that your child may have about dental treatment. When preparing for these appointments, it is best to not mention words like "needle" or "shot" as this could create a non-compliant behavior. Our recommendation is to tell your child to ask Dr. Natalie when you get there, so that your child can have a pleasant experience at the pediatric dentist.

Treatment Options
We provide a wide array of treatment modalities for your child so that they can remain comfortable during treatment. These options are also offered so that your child may cooperate and limit movement to avoid injury. This includes Nitrous Oxide, Conscious Sedation, and I.V. Sedation. If your child is apprehensive, Dr. Natalie will explain the best option for your child.

Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous Oxide, better known as laughing gas, is used to alleviate anxiety, and help with gagging. A rubber nose will be placed over your childís nose allowing them to breathe a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen before and during the procedure. This will allow him/her to react more positively if they are mildly sensitive to sight, sounds, and sensations. Upon completion of treatment, oxygen will be given to your child for a few more minutes to remove all the effects of the nitrous oxide.

Conscious Sedation
Conscious Sedation is used for children that have a level of anxiety that prevents them from behaving in a cooperative fashion. The liquid medicine given will enable them child to have little or no memory to the procedures performed. Within in a short amount of time, your child will remain conscious but have a decreased perception of the environment around them. Conscious Sedation is routinely used by pediatric dentists to help a non cooperative child, become cooperative.

I.V. Sedation
I.V. Sedation is used for children with severe anxiety and an inability to cooperate. This is also used for children with special health issues or children with special needs. I.V. Sedation is a form of general anesthesia where your child is put to sleep and breathes on his or her own. This is the safest way to prevent injury to a child who is combative towards treatment. I.V. Sedation is done in office by a specialist trained in dental anesthesia.

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